Friday, June 24, 2011

Dream Humor

I love to pick a theme or image or guide or animal or something that I can trace back through my dream journals and see what comes up. This means I scan my dream titles and speed read the journal entry to see if what I'm looking for is in this dream.

On such a quest, I discovered this incredible gem of a dream from a year ago. I'm posting it just as I recorded it in my journal. I didn't do any more than write it down and I don't even remember dreaming it, but oh, what a wonderful laugh it gave me now. I also read it to my husband and several friends and we all love it.

For sheer sense of humor, this is a powerful dream, let alone, for the rich layers of meaning I can mine in the characters, plot and action; yet, it's not until now, one year later that I realize what a cool dream it is. Keeping a dream journal pays off in the short and long run.

April 12, 2010
My Pet Gorilla

My parents and I have a gorilla in our care. They tend to be really strict with him and deprive him of many things he wants to keep him in line. They go out and I’m in charge. I decide that what he needs is to enjoy some of what he wants, so I take him to the mall and give him some money and tell him to behave. I have to leave and I say I’ll meet him later., He’s a little more rambunctious than I would have liked, but, all in all, he’s well within reasonable behavior, I think.


  1. I wonder what he bought? ~:)

    Such a funny dream. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I was wondering the same thing, so I went back in and walked the mall with him. He was really interested in a pair of very expensive Italian leather shoes. Thank you for your comment, Misha.

  3. Thought for sure he would have made a stop at Banana Republic, but love his taste in shoes. Did he buy one pair or two?

  4. Actually, we just discussed their beauty and craftspersonship and acknowledged the sad fact that they wouldn't fit him. I think the thought of going to Banana Republic will cheer him up, though.

  5. Wow, Italian shoes! What a very cool dream. Odd...but cool.

  6. He may also be cheered at the prospect of picking of a dapper new hat?