Sunday, April 16, 2017

2017 Year of Women, For a Change

One day recently, at Trader Joe's shopping for dinner, I found this card among their always excellent collection of affordable greetings.  It happens that a neighbor had gifted me a wall tile engraved with this saying that I enjoy hanging in the guest bathroom.

Seeing such a captivating image using the same quote, I bought two, with no specific plans for them.  It turned out to be a lucky choice, as I sent one to my grandniece,  after we spoke on the phone that day, along with her GS cookie sale check.

The second card, I realized when I looked at it again, is custom ordered for me.  It speaks straight to my psyche in a series of long established dream images that, if I didn't know how fluidly dream and waking interact, would be startling.  It often happens that the realization of meaning in a synchronicity lags behind the spontaneous, intuitive action that creates it.  It's deeply inspiring to hear the universe whisper in my ear.  "It's okay; how's this?  It all coincides; it all comes together.  Stay true; have fun."

Every year, I create a new dream journal for the year; it's fun to let synchronicity lead me to the images I'll use to decorate the front and back covers.  Sometimes, it takes me a while to find the right ones, but this year, I delighted across the front cover in December. This card is the back cover.  

I declare 2017 the year women step into their strengths and leadership.  I declare 2017 the year of women.