Monday, September 4, 2017

Dream Whispering

So many times, someone at a party or in a chance encounter will tell me a dream; they know I love to hear them.

So many times, doors of perception open to the dreamer when I respond from my practice of Active Dreaming. Those awesome Oprah aha moments happen all the time in response to the simplest of observations on my part.  I'm not, the listener, playing Madam Medium who knows the meaning of your dream; as an Active Dream practitioner, I am trying the dream on for size without presuming to know what it means for the dreamer, only what, if this were my dream, it would mean for me.

Not only does this help the listener escape the ego laden path of answer person, it frees the imagination of the listener and the dreamer to dance with a dream and allow serendipity to offer its gifts as she sees fit.

A dream, even another's dream, with her or his permission, is a very viable, as in full of life, place to explore the extra-sensory resources available to each of us for daily living.  Dreams have existential energy and good luck.  I love being in that zone.

So, today was a two dream story Labor Day party with friends day. It only proves to me that everyone gets turned on, to some degree by their dreams.  I revel in the pleasure of opening even the tiniest of portals into someone's inner dream resources, and I am always grateful for the opportunity.

I truly get turned on by using the tools of Active Dreaming to take dream "work" out of the intellectual, cognitive realms and into the experiential realities we each inhabit.  It's a light hearted, respectful way to offer something in return for the confidence the person's had sharing the dream with me.  More, it's a primer for how to just go with your dream flow and think creatively in your waking life, using dreams for inspiration.

Bright dreams to you.