Friday, January 17, 2014

Active Dreaming Is It.

Last Tuesday I called in to Robert Moss's monthly "Way of the Dreamer" radio show on HealthyLife.Net to share with him and with Active Dreaming enthusiasts from around the world why I love using Active Dreaming, the dreamplay practice that Robert created in the mid-eighties and has fine tuned ever since.  I also wanted to share my plans for The World Day of Active Dreaming (WDAD) I told you about for May 10th, 2014.

Here's the interview - the program of January 14, 2014.  Robert talks about the WDAD event and takes calls from five Active Dreaming teachers and practitioners from around the world.  My conversation with him starts at 33:53, but if you have time to listen to the whole show, it's well worth it.

At the beginning of the program, Robert reminds us about the intention Active Dreaming teachers voice in every dream circle around the world:  "we come together in a sacred and loving way, to honor our dreams and the powers that speak to us in dreams, to live our best dreams and to bring the gifts of dreaming and dream healing to those around us, in our world, in our time."  We have been dreaming this dream of a dreaming society together for over two decades.  Inspired by Robert's prolific writing, teaching and speaking about Active Dreaming, the community of Active Dreamers is multiplying, birthing new groups around the world.  Since the early days, Robert's vision has been about creating a dreaming community, a society that once again holds dreaming in great esteem. WDAD is an excellent way to show that this dream is happening NOW. Active Dreaming is global.  Community events happening at the same time around the world will heighten the energy that is manifesting as this renewed connection to our ancient birthright of dreaming.

The first caller, Ana Maria Stefanescu, speaking from Romania to Robert, shares her vision of dreaming as a journey to the heart and tells us she's planning a workshop on 5/10 focused on this theme.  She also shares a wonderful example of what Robert calls, dream archeology, in a dream where she meets her Romanian ancestors and describes beautifully in an article Robert posted recently on his blog.  It reminds me of the many times my Lucumi ancestors have visited me in dreams and how we've honored and danced the Orishas.  My exit strategy at death, which I envisioned in a dream, includes the sound of their drums.

Next came a wonderful AD teacher, hospice worker and artist from CA, Valerie McCarney.  I'm not sure how to link directly to this, but Robert posted on WDAD's FB page December 18, 2013 an article by her, "Dreams that Comfort and Heal", that is a wonderfully powerful illustration of how dreams prepare and midwife us through death, as I just mentioned.  The painting she posted with her amazing stories "Ice Cold Blue Day," is a haunting picture of a tree in winter that speaks to her sensitivity and artistic talent at once.   Valerie also sparked a neat idea about "flash cards" we can hand out with the Lightning Dreaming steps printed on them, something wallet sized.

The third caller, Susan Morgan is a teaching colleague in the Active Dreaming community of CT.  Susan is a veteran Active Dreaming teacher who teaches in many venues around the state, famously at the Dragon's Egg in Mystic.  Susan said there were many bear sightings in the dreams she's hearing lately.  In one group journey I led recently, we all went into hibernation to the dreaming place that bears go.  I had the most wonderful journey as a teenage brown bear getting to hibernate with the adults for the first time instead of having to be in the nursery wing of the caves.  I went out of my body in my deep sleep and danced as Ursula in the night sky.  My joy knew no bounds.

Fourth was me.  I took the opportunity to remind Robert just how good a teaching tool the DVD series we did together is; besides shameless self-promotion, it's true.  If you're going to teach this method, the introduction to Active Dreaming taught by Robert in person in these programs is invaluable.  He agrees.  I also took the opportunity to commend him and the other dreamers who came up with the idea of WDAD; focusing this much strong dream energy on one day is bound to have some wonderful results.  I got a kick out of Robert teasing me about my succinct endorsement of Active Dreaming; after studying and practicing many dream work approaches, Active Dreaming is it, I said.  But, you already know I feel that way, if you read my blog.

Robert's last caller was Savannah Caitlin from Vancouver, Canada.  She presented a great idea for encouraging dream work as a random act of kindness.  A great community service in her area is the "take a book/leave a book program".  I've seen pictures of amazing kiosk designs all around the world for this kind of community perk.  Savannah thought leaving some inexpensive journals set up to use for AD and perhaps one of Robert's books would be a great way to kick-start greater community interest and dream awareness.  She also got me thinking about what tools should go into a "dream healer's" doctor bag.  In a dream she had, she saw each new certified teacher at a teacher training with Robert receiving a teacher's kit in the final ceremonies; in each bag is a small stuffed animal, each unique to the particular dreamer, an animal companion or guardian that reminds me of Phillip Pullman's animal daemons in the "Golden Compass."

A teacher commencement kit, I love the idea.  Did I mention what powerful resources and essential tools for teachers "The Way of the Dreamer with Robert Moss" and "Wings for the Journey" are?    Oh, I did, sorry.  Here's a link, though.

It seems fitting that the first international day of Active Dreaming is launched in the year of the horse; the carrier of dream messages, fast as the wind, between the worlds. WDAD has already generated great excitement among practitioners of AD.  I'm looking forward to the planning and the event; I know it's going to be everything we dream it to be.  Robert will be talking with many more AD practitioners in the upcoming programs and I'll keep you posted on what I discover.

May your best dreams come true.