Monday, October 24, 2011

The Time Is Now

Remember code yellow, orange and red? What would you say the emotional code is on people's fear these days? Dear Turkey, Haiti, Japan, Chile and New Zealand devasted by earthquakes and nuclear leakage, Libya and other Middle Eastern crisis points. Hurricane Irene, here in the East coast, fires in Arizona and Texas. And there is more.

Yet, I am still on my soul's journey here; I have work to do, work I specifically came here to do. How do I feel the world soul and my individual soul at the same time? How do I reconcile the needs of many with just my one person's needs?

The answer is I don't know. But here are my thoughts:

Fear is a black hole best avoided.

In my dreams, I experience time past, present and future out of sequence. Sometimes I'm in Medieval places, the 19th century west, outer space or as I see myself in waking life. What that says to me is that outside of this existence time is different, perhaps it doesn't exist.

All spiritual teachings emphasize being in the NOW, the present moment we are living. In moments of fear or crisis, this is essential. Let me breathe deep, ground and focus on my heart. What can I do now, today, this moment to give and to receive comfort? One step, one act and a focus on hope are the provisions emotionally that bring us through hard times. Bathe fear in love and trust, believe in a divine outcome and move forward, one step at a time.

Our heavily guilted patriarchal paradigms have taught us to imagine the worst and fear retribution from God. Lots of religions gleefully teach about doomsday scenarios that the sinners had coming to them. Well, some God of Love that is.

This is just what happens every so often on the amazing planet Earth; She shifts and moves and causes great upheavals. Is there a Divine Plan behind it; perhaps, but it certainly can't be the mean spirited preemptive strike of a supposedly kind and loving God. It's geology; geology happens.

Unfortunately, we're caught in the eruption, the flood, the tornado or whatever else the elements create that is so much mightier than our human strength. It doesn't mean we're bad or had it coming. It means we mourn and rebuild and we grow stronger in wisdom.

If this is my dream, which it is, I realize that this is the dreamscape I'm in and that it matters what I do, how I feel, NOW. I know that I can dream it lucidly; I'm aware that regardless of how great the monsters, the allies are even greater. If I'm brave and face the monster, it might turn out quite differently than I first expected.

The time is Now. Regardless of the seeming hopelessness; I am the seed of hope. Regardless of my impotence in the face of the present, I have the power of my original purpose. I asked to come here, Now. I trust the little I do, to be just the little bit it takes to tip the scales in favor of the Good.

My dreams confirm this; they are the doorway to the More than Now. They lead to more than this dimension, opening the dream gates to a more certain existence of Love, Truth and Hope than what I can tenuously hold on to in this Earthly dimension.

(The picture is of the harvest from my garden this year. It's simple beauty is stunning; it tasted great. Long may we grow and eat our food on this planet; long may we live to love and defy all odds).