Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's February 21st, the 21st anniversary of my dad's death. Of course I went to bed last night asking for word from him. My dad was the BEST. I always say to my brother, he was a Buddha.

My dream:
I'm traveling in a bus, sitting at the window, when I see Celia Cruz crossing the street, right by my window. I know she is celebrating her birthday. I open the window, lean out and say; "Happy Birthday, Celia. You're the best." I proceed to heap my accolades on her. She is gracious, attentive, sweet and responsive. (Just like my dad would be). I know in the dream that she dies just a short time after this encounter, but I don't feel the need to say anything about that; this is before she dies. The feeling is of amazing opportunity and privilege, celebrity encounter.

In waking life, when Celia died, I meditated and asked her to be my godmother. A dream teacher I respect said she was too high up to pay any attention to me; I don't think she feels that way. This isn't the first Celia dream for me. I am so grateful for her blessing and for my dad's.

To me the correlations are evident. I ask for an anniversary message from my dad, (what we all want from our departed loved ones); "Dad help me and are you OK? " Celia is the quintessential cool Cuban and the ultimate message is; "If I love you baby, how can you go wrong?"

That's the message I think my dad would want me to hear. I wish he were here to say it plain; he would but he's not. This dream is such a gift from him.

Synchronistically, when I spoke with my brother, he told me a dream about encountering a woman celebrity he had just had that has striking and wonderful similarities to mine. I love when that happens; I figure we each got a present from my dad. That doesn't surprise me either; he loves us both the same:-)

That's why this is how I feel about the dream dimension: OMG! THANK YOU!

Feel free to comment. I'm sending this idea into cyberspace via blog to see what I get back in this dimension.