Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garden Variety Synchronicity

Have you ever had the experience of finding a book, hearing a song or opening the link to a you tube video your friend has sent you that speaks to the very core need in you, that thing you've been praying for help about, and lo, here it is?

That is garden variety synchronicity. A coincidence that maybe isn't, that maybe is really an answer to our most urgent prayers, spoken or unspoken.

To me, this is my proof that I am not alone. Synchronicity is Jung's way of describing this spiritual, psychological and emotional phenomenon. It doesn't always come with lighting bolts and hair raising realizations, sometimes it's gentle and subtle and just a consistent presence in our lives that leads us to discover something, something that holds the key and helps unlock the door where love and healing can make us whole.

It's a gentle arm around our shoulders and a loving voice in our ear that speaks directly to our hearts. I'm posting the link to Brene Brown's talk in the hopes that her message just happens to be the one your heart has been longing to hear. I think her work is so liberating that my new mission is to read more of her work and listen to her many other talks.