Saturday, December 5, 2009

Icky Dreams

In the category of dreams I resist recording falls the icky dream. The, "Oh yuck, you've got to be kidding me dream." Images that make me squirm or that just plain piss me off, or feelings that are unpleasant or complex. Who needs dreams like that?

I retaliate sometimes by not writing the dream down. Or, I just tell myself I'll write it later, no time now, fully knowing I won't. Well, it's human. DeNial is not just a river in Egypt.

When in my brighter moments, I've seen myself clear to just writing the dream down - no judgments, no analysis, no recoiling from the journalistic perspective of recording the events the way I saw, felt and heard them, I'm always grateful for the lesson I eventually get. Often I'll just write it down, date it, give it a title and shut the journal. Now I don't have to think about it until I'm ready. What gifts these dreams can turn out to be in time.

One favorite example I have is a dream where a large boxer type dog standing on it's hind legs sticks it's tongue in my ear; ugh. I write the dream down and as I do, I write god instead of dog. So God Dog became the title of my dream.

To get over the ickiness factors the dream included, I decided to draw god dog. Here he is, so funny and lovely now to me. I have done great work with the dream and this image represents to me the transformation of feeling for the dream once understanding dawned.

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