Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ancient Mother

I trace my awakening to the Mother archetype to my dreams, especially one Big Dream. Raised under patriarchal religious paradigms, I salute the amazing Power of the Dream Source that gave me, "Howling Mary."

Happy Mother's Day to all women, and perhaps to all men. (What are the odds, if you choose this life setting often, that you've been both sexes?)

Thanks to all women who choose to give birth, and to those who don't.

Thanks to all men, who don't just plant seed, but nurture it.

Happy Mothers and Fathers day.

Howling Mary is the Goddess pissed off about a whole lot of things.  The way the boys are running things; the wanton destruction of hearts and earth. She's the return of the Feminine to Divinity.  I don't just want equal pay, I want Her to share divinity with Him.  Mother/Father, Sister/Brother.  When She is recognized as One Who Has Always Been, the Archetype of Divine Motherhood, the Creator and Nurturer, the Earth, things will change.  Mothers are a good influence in general; She is the psychic part missing from our paradigm.

With all apologies to Mary; the Goddess is Not a Virgin. She likes sex.  She gives birth, not just once but continuously, to us and to all that is.  She also wouldn't step on a snake or anything else.  She can be Wild, She is Nature.  But Mother Virgin Mary is as much of the Goddess as the boys could take, the people wouldn't give her up and they had to give them something.

Howling Mary is Mad as Hell and She Ain't Going to Take it Anymore.  That seems to be what my dream is saying.  How many of us will join her in howling?

I love women; the women in my life, starting with my mom and continuing with the dearest of dear friends; I wish we'd get busy doing more to ensure that women aren't rendered inconsequential once again.  I shudder at the thought of being legally bound by life altering and restricting rules, just because I'm a woman, and because only men make the decisions.  I love men, for the very same reasons.  My dad is my Buddha; it just came naturally to him to be the best father possible.  My brother is a wonderful man and a loving friend, my loving husband, Jim, and so many wonderful guy friends.  I call on them to get busy, too.  Whatever happened to 50/50 here in the USA? 

Honoring the Mother is a great first step to healing the planet; can you imagine a Middle East that honors Her?  I think any religion that relegates Her to the bench, relegates women to varying degrees of jeopardy.   Extreme, rigid, dogmatic men are dominant in Christian sects today, too.  I think western women need to participate more in changing the paradigm for the sake of future generations, especially.  Dogmatic rigidity kills Spirit; just ask Jesus.
I sing a heart song for the Mother today.


  1. Beautiful post and I agree with everything u say!

  2. Loved this! Here's to women everywhere!!! - Lisa