Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Size Really Doesn't Matter

Okay, I'm talking about the size of a dream here.

I often hear people say;   "... all I could remember was just an image, or a word, or just like one quick scene.  I can't remember my dreams."

In my experience, dream fragments like these are rich playgrounds for further exploration and never to be underestimated.  Here's a fun example I discovered today while playing Bibliomancy with my dream journals; a snippet of a dream from 27 years ago, dated on my birthday, so technically it was my birthday dream for that year.

My Old Woman

My old woman is coming to get me, to guide me.  She tells me two things...

That's it.  That's the dream memory.  Of course, I'd like to know what she said in the dream, but I didn't bring that back. All I've got is this enigmatic fragment.  What a goldmine!

The Old Woman archetype, the Crone of the Tarot Deck, is not the worthless or ugly or unnecessary cultural archetype that exists today.  As in ancient times, the Crone is the Wise Woman and the Healer.  She is also the Midwife of Death, as in the Yoruban/Lucumi goddess Oya or the Hindu Kali. She is the High Priestess of the Great Mother.

I know this wise woman from other dream visits.  I know her by the name she gave me to call her.  I've heard her speak to me before.   Having her on my side is a big blessing.  This picture is one I drew of her after another dream visit about 3 years prior to the fragment I recorded.  

What two things did she say?  How about...

You're not going to remember much of this visit.
I'm with you always.

How's that for a possibility? I just used my imagination.

As a dream practitioner, I wrote a dream fragment down to honor a visit with the Wise Woman and say thank you to my dream source. I didn't return to this dream fragment until now, 27 years later, and I rediscover a powerful dream ally I hadn't remembered in a while.  And coincidentally, my birthday was this past weekend.

All dream time is NOW; I'll definitely re-enter this dream and talk to her soon. 

My point is that, if there are times in life when size does matter, the size of a dream never does.  Dream power comes in the most insignificant of packages.  All we have to do is pay attention.  Pay attention and keep a record for future perusal.  That's the fun of dream play.


  1. A wonderful invitation to listen to each and every gift from our dream world. I love the gift of this birthday - given to you by a birthday dream 27 years ago. It speaks to the relativity of time. Thanks again my bella.

  2. The best part is that I chose the dream at random, that's where the journal opened, to my birthday, those many years ago; yet how fresh, new, vital and relevant it all is for me now.