Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Gratitude

Pundits are arguing about whether the election results issue the government a mandate; I revel in the joy of feeling that the mandate was issued to every person living in this country.  I think the mandate is to live and dream from our hearts, mindful of the impact of our actions down to the seventh generation on this earth, as native wise ones teach.

I'm in awe and gratitude to the voters of this country who clarified for elected officials what we truly care about, besides the economy.  I think we’ve only just begun to dream our best dreams into this reality and it's heartening to know there are so many people passionate about making a difference. 

I collect “dream” songs.  This is one of my all time favorites and it’s augmented by the fact that it’s talented author, Stevie Ray Vaughan, is on the other side, hopefully dreaming this dream even bigger.


  1. I'm grateful, too. Let's keep dreaming that bigger, better dream!

  2. Was visiting my brother in St. Louis and not handy with the smart phone, so just back to say, con tigo; Si, Se Puede. It is up to each one of us immortal souls hanging here on planet earth to do what we can for this grand place and those who share it with us before we push on to other adventures. A path with heart, as Castanedas, put it.