Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Dick: The power of Dream Imagery

A wife dreams that her husband has an enormous penis, like that of a horse or an elephant. Seriously. But, that’s all I can tell you.

I can discretely comment, this image has huge potential. After determining that her feelings surrounding the dream were positive and doing some reality check (which did not need to involve the actual size of her husband’s penis) to make sure it wasn't a health warning, I played the “if it were my dream” game with the image.

“If it’s my dream, it may be about channeling my inner dick.” She liked that.
Truth is, I could use doing that a little more, as well, and I like the image.

In Jung’s view, the Animus archetype can manifest as male characters in women's dreams. A closely related to me male dream character may be a male aspect of myself. Instead of or in addition to being my actual husband, brother, father, son, etc. this may be some quality I project on to loved males that I may want to cultivate in myself. This image, if it's my dream, inspires these questions: "Don’t I realize I have a big dick? Do I recognize my power?"

Now in all love and deference to Jung, he could be chauvinist at times. His description of the Animus archetype seems rather scolding of women “with balls,” especially in his discussion of animus possession, but his many contributions to the field of dream work and psychology make me rather tolerant of him.

The Animus, Jung said,is a woman’s inner male, one she often projects on to a man she falls in love with, thus giving credence to the adage, “love is blind.” If a woman’s Animus is completely projected outside of herself in waking life, it can lead to unhappiness and trouble for her. Dreams give us insight into this archetypal energy’s working at any given moment and provides metaphors suited to the lessons we need to learn.

“Big Dick” is just an example of how one itsy bitsy (well, not in this case) image can manifest its energy in our waking lives.

In much of western culture, we are very timid about the sex organs, yet, they're everywhere in our advertising and entertainment. India, on the other hand, reveres male and female sexual energy at temple sites; many Indians have home altars set up to honor the Lingam and the Yoni. It’s a much franker approach, to appreciate sexual organs on an archetypal level as the forces of creation. If, as a woman, I dream of my penis/Animus, AKA, presence and power in the world around me, growing much bigger of late, well, perhaps it’s good news. Perhaps it's time for me to step into my own..

Is it time for women to notice how much power they do have, at least right now, in our country. Well, there's a lot to suggest that. This image sprang from one woman's dream source, but I can easily see it helping many achieve a new cockiness.

I found this wonderful yoni/lingam anthuriam on wikepedia, credit to Thaejas.


  1. Great post. Time to channel my inner dick!

  2. Thanks, Trish, and the world is a better place for you doing it!

  3. A full out smile-inducing post! I feel your own "presence and power in the world" beaming out. The photo is a perfect symmetry of yoni/lingam.