Monday, March 7, 2011

Erotic Dreams

Once, in a dreaming workshop I presented at a Unitarian Church, an older, very attractive woman, widowed for awhile, came up to me after my talk. She spoke about her loneliness and then about occasional wonderful erotic dreams she has. I shared with her how much I value those wonderful erotic gifts from the dreaming and suggested that since dreaming is another existence to be experienced, we have free rein to do as we will and enjoy. Waking life's physical constraints and moral sanctions don't apply in erotic dreams anymore than they do in any dreams.

I love Dorothy Sayer's quote: "The only sin that passion can commit is to be joyless."

Our dreams befriend us sexually just as they do in every other aspect of our life. They give us an outlet that we can use regardless of whether our dance card is full or whether we are in a committed relationship.

When dream lovers show up, especially strangers with no waking life strings attached, it can make for some fun fantasizing in days and months ahead - IF you write the dream down, that is.

Here's an example from my dream collection that might illustrate several good things to know about erotic dreams:

June 25, 2010
Panties on a Platter

I’m in a place, bigger than an average room, where women, all very attractive in a typical model way, in various stages of undress, all wearing attractive bikini panties, are sitting around a counter, like at a diner.

I place a lovely pair of pink bikini panties on a plate and serve it to a guy sitting at the counter, as well. I’m very flirtatious and confident about my overture.

He’s 40’s, white, plain shirt and trousers. Not really sexy – but I’m attracted to him.

I wake up

When I first wrote this dream down it had a slightly icky energy; probably the panties. What I love is that in a random search through my dream journals for the best of my dream erotica (a practice I recommend to anyone), I find this dream from a year ago and recognize it's erotic potential in a way that had escaped me before.

I decide to reenter the dream and dream it forward:

Panties on a Platter Re-entry 3-6-11

In our conversation, I learn my dream lover's name and what he likes to be called. He's very responsive to anything I say or do; we're very turned on by each other. We have fun... Some dreams make for great erotica.

Personal dream erotica is accessible for personal sexual fantasies to anyone who dreams and records dreams. The brainless, emotionally bloodless garbage that passes for erotica in waking culture can't hold a candle to the customized work of your dream cupid.

Many times culture has tried to convince us that sex is the forbidden fruit; bite in before God gives the okay and you're in for a world of pain, no more Eden for you.

But, among the many things we experience at night in our sleep, we experience opportunities for sexual healing that come in the form of dreams that turn us on and perhaps even give us sexual release. Talk about safe sex!

Hello, dream lover.

Thanks to my dear friend, fine artist, Mally DeSomma, for letting me use one of her spectacular nude paintings for this post. Here's a link to her website:

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  1. Safest, Sexiest Sex there is! And I love that it's unconstrained by the laws of physics!