Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dream Warnings

Yesterday, while leading a dream workshop for a group, a young woman spoke of how she had dreamed about a tsunami devastation just before Japan was brutalized by one this week. She cried telling it.

It's such a weight on one's shoulders to prevision a great disaster, but we do dream outside of our own concerns and personal psyche. Maybe we all are one soul after all, maybe that's what the collective unconscious is.

Robert Moss writes and teaches that we dream the future all the time; I recommend his book, "Dreaming True", as well as his DVD series, "The Way of the Dreamer". I've posted the youtube clip from the program "Dreaming the Future" before; you can find it on youtube.

I know I dream the future all the time and hundreds of people have shared their dreams of the future with me. What does it mean to dream something that later manifests in waking? That my dreaming soul took a peek up the road and thought I might be interested in what soul saw? Why? A head's up? Just a report about it?

My experience is that dreams of the future run a huge gamut. I dream of having a ring and see it the next day in waking life and buy it. I dream of a person I later meet or I dream of a disaster that befalls many, many people and breaks my heart to see it happen in waking. The gamut of what to do about it is just as vast. It depends on the dreamer and the dream.

My husband woke up one morning and told me this dream: (I have his permission to use it.) Here's my journal account of it:

When I asked Jim if he remembered a dream this am, he hesitated and said – yeah, but I didn’t like it.

I’m up in a NYC bldg. 89th floor. I get in the elevator, like a freight elevator, (someone’s with me, not you) and there’s a woman elevator operator. The gates close and she presses the button and we begin to drop at an unnerving speed. I tell her to stop the elevator, I want to get off. She pushes buttons, but nothing happens. I tell myself, I don’t want to be here for this, and wake up.

Then Jim goes for the morning paper and brings back the Sunday NY Post with the front page head lines: “DROP DEAD, Elevators on killing spree” The story is about the violations in the city’s elevator inspections and the number of fatal and serious incidents of elevator malfunctions.

There are some things we dream that are peeks at waking life ahead; yet, it has nothing to do with us. This is not news. Governments like ours and Russia's have experimented with this talent in people for many years; they call it Remote Viewing. They've tested people to find those who are good at it so they can be trained to spy, etc. A very hysterical example is the movie; "Men Who Stare at Goats."

But, to dream of pending disaster is tough and many people dream such dreams, all the time. I've mentioned in another post Jung's dream or vision presaging the war in Europe. Dreaming of mass disaster can feel overwhelming and confusing; it can make you feel guilty that this is happening and you did nothing or there was nothing you could do. Dreaming life is like waking life in this way; there are tough moments. In the realm of dreaming seeing ahead occurs regularly; sometimes it's not something we want to see.

So what can we do when we experience such a tough dream? Be gentle with yourself; you can share it with a trusted friend or not, you can write it in your journal or you can just hold it in your heart and offer your prayers. I'm not responsible for mass tragedy, but how can I not ache about it? Aching is part of life. I can help in some way. Donate to the rescue missions; hold the Japanese in my heart and pray daily for relief for them. Many people will do different things to help; I'm not responsible, but I can be responsive.

Here's a prayer posted on her facebook page by the wonderful Dr. Pinkola Estes, author of "Women Who Run With the Wolves." I don't think she'd mind me sharing it with dreamers who have witnessed this event in the dreaming and the waking.

Dear Brave Souls: Prayericito for Sudden Upheaval
by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 6:50am

May all pathways to safety be opened,

seen, and safely taken.

May all who are lost be found

and lifted to safe ground.

May all without shelter be given refuge

May all who are naked and cold

be covered with warmth

May all who are frightened be calmed

by Mind greater

May all who are injured, receive timely aid

May all who are trapped, hold on,

sensing strength of the ancestors near.

May all who are alone and frightened

be comforted by invisible Hands

This we ask, in the name of all that is Holy,

each in her own way, each in his own way...

that all imperiled and saddened be

sealed into vitality with the light of the angels and the saints;

sealed into animating spark with the light of the Bodhisatvas;

sealed into holy and fullest life by the sound of the breath'

sealed into repair by the sound of the stars overhead chanting




and Aymen

and Aymen

and Aymen


so be it,

so be it,

so be it.

and with love.

From us all:

Tribe of the Sacred Heart, many of us, Scar Clan...

from us all.

and with love too, from dr.e


  1. Wow. So many people have written us about their tsunami dreams. Some of these comments are under the planetary empath post.

  2. What a beautiful prayer. Thanks for passing it on.