Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dream Synchronicity: Fireflies

Have you ever had the experience where an object or person you just encountered in a dream turns up the very next day, or perhaps soon after, in your waking life? It's not uncommon when you pay attention to your dreams, but sometimes, it's just so lovely it feels like a gift.

I have a very dear friend, an artist by the name of Antoinette Martignoni, who sends a daily inspiration via email to all who subscribe to her good news express. (Here's the link to her wonderful website:

On the day of Christmas eve, I woke up knowing I'd been somewhere, doing something rather pleasant, but couldn't remember anything to bring the dream back. I gave up and got up and began my day. When I sat down at my computer to check my emails, there was Toni's message, as most always, a poem she finds inspiring. The dream came back to me in a flash. It was such an unusual synchronicity, I'm just going to share the email exchange.

Toni's email: Seasons
My memories of Christmas were so deeply formed in my childhood
that I went searching for an echo that would ring true other than
Babes In Toyland. I had to go very far back, not only in time but in season:


"Summer brought fireflies in swarms,
They lit our evenings like dreams
we thought we couldn't have.
We caught them in jars, punched
holes, carried them around for days.

Luminous abdomens that when charged
with air turned bright. Imagine!
mere insects carrying such cargo,
magical caravans flickering beneath
low July skies. We chased them, amazed.

The idea! Those tiny bodies
pulsing phosphorescence.
They made reckless traffic,
signaling, neon flashes forever
into the deepening dusk.

They gave us new faith
in the nasty tonics of childhood,
pungent, murky liquids promising
shining eyes, strong teeth, glowing skin,
and we silently vowed to swallow ever after.
What was the secret of light?
We wanted their brilliance:
small fires hovering,
each tiny explosion
the birth of a new world."

And I wrote to Toni:

This is beautiful and what's more synchronistic. When I woke up this morning I searched my memory for dream images, fragments, anything from my night travels and nothing came. When I sat down to my computer and read this, it came back. Last night in, my dreams, I'm walking on a winter night along a river bank with friends and I exclaim in amazement. "Look. there are fireflies! Fireflies at this time of year!" The little lights danced at the edge of the water, random heights, sparkling at intervals, just like Christmas lights. How wonderful that your gift of inspiration today was so personally magical for me, as well.

And Toni responded to my email:

ADELITA, your fireflies dream makes me weep. From gratitude, from the magic of how we all are so connected that this morning I should choose a poem from a poetry book I received on Tuesday about fireflies. Hey, lady, it's real. wow.

I'm going to end with another small synchronicity; a link to a youtube music video I just now heard for the first time by Owl City titled, "Fireflies" It conveys just about everything in this post. Here's the opening line of the song:

"You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep."

This is my New Year's wish for us all, to believe in the magic and keep an eye out for those winks of affirmation the universe is always sending, especially in our dreams.


  1. Love it! Fireflies are truly magical creatures. This synchro of yours was beautifully layered, too!

  2. Thanks for pointing out the layers; what should we call it? A synchro cake?

  3. Fireflies:
    small fires, hovering.

    Love it! :-)