Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged; I had to stop and think about my password.

I go through phases with dreamplay and dream memory. The drought phase with dreams is max a month, mostly less, thank goodness. But then, I always pay attention, so I catch them pretty regularly. Love that. I just don't blog as often as I dream. It is a pleasure to do, as well. I only hope it can be of inspiration to some of you who haven't tried it to engage in dream play.

And that's the subject of this post. It's really about falling in love with the dream dialogue in a way that it's not one more self-improvement, self-exploration or spiritual practice. It's fun! It pays off!

There is as much, frankly more, entertainment in dreams than there is on TV or in most movies. The big payoff is I'm the protagonist of every episode; it's about me. And even when, on the rare occassion, I see the dream as not about me, it still pays off to pay attention.

So the more you pay attention and have intention to understand the dream dialogue, the more you get from it, the easier it becomes, the more you miss it when you don't have it. You get my point; I tend to wax poetic about the experience.

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