Thursday, March 4, 2010

Healing the Hurt

I posted about some of dad's visits recently, but as I was going through dream drawings I found this; an old dream, over 20 years ago, I remember vividly, "Rocking Mama in My Arms."

Most everyone has some parent pain to deal with; it's the stuff of therapy. My relationship with dad was, by and large, a breeze. With my mom, well it was stormy at times. Not unusual, I know, but painful, nonetheless.

Sometimes, if a parent dies, we figure we have no recourse anymore to reach an understanding, or forgiveness either/both ways. Not so. Dreams are the live channel that doesn't adhere to material rules of waking life. The dead do have access and vice-versa.

Here's where I really get pissed about Hollywood's and Religion's role in creating fear where there should be curiosity and trust. All the Nightmare on Elm Street and Hell and Damnation shit dished out creates a culture that is afraid of death and the natural, spiritual realms. Ah, well. All I can do is present my experience.

And that's the beauty of working with your dreams; it's all about your direct experience. Some dreams effect us at the gut level just like a good therapy session. They bring about a transformation of emotions or an attitude adjustment that allows us to move on and live our joy.

I dreamed that dream a long time ago: my mom and I naked, she laying across my lap like in the Pieta. Love flowed between us; something that's always been there, if sometimes undermined by each of our personalities and egos. In this dream, I experienced, I believe we experienced, a profound healing. Looking at this picture encourages me to re-ignite those feelings for her in my soul.

Dreams are a gateway, a safe gateway usually, to soul healing experiences. Yes, sometimes our soul is so tortured or exiled that professional help is a very good idea, good professional help. But for many of us; it's just there. It's available. I am so thankful for this!

May your dreams shower you with blessings.

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