Saturday, December 5, 2009

There Are Places I Remember

That is such a beautiful Beatles song. It's a nice way to look at dream locales;

All these places have their moments
Of lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I loved them all.

I visit some dream locations over and over, don't you? I like to go back through my journals and see which dreams take place in the supermarket, for instance. I have several, including one very intriguing one I just found from June of 1985 that promises great fun and great connections these many years later.

Another example is when I visit a
childhood home. It's wonderful to follow the thread of these shared locations in dreams past, re-read them and note the details; how they're similar and how they differ.

It's also wonderful to travel into dream spaces on a dream re-entry journey. It's much easier to journey into a
dream location you can see in your mind's eye; you know where you're going. It's a scene you can slip into in a waking trance to continue your dream

So now I'm busy playing with old dream books; a good end of the year thing to do. Locations I recognize from other dreams; people or people types that recur and noting how I (my dream self) seems to be faring and feeling in these dreams are all questions I entertain in this dream game.

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