Thursday, December 10, 2009

Safe Sex

One of my favorite selling points for dream exploration is what a fertile opportunity dream play provides for a truly "safe sex" experience.

Have you ever had an "erotic" dream? I'm talking a truly enjoyable erotic dream, even if it may have flaunted some personal taboos.

This is such a wonderfully rich and complex topic that I'm only introducing it in this post. My premise is that dreams are an incredible playground and a safe Temenos in which to experience sexuality at it's most healing and sublime.

I was flipping through a journal from twenty years ago and found not one, but three very intriguing leading men in a series of consecutive dreams. It was like hitting the cheesecake lottery to find them after all these years. They are resources for my imagination, truly personal and fulfilling.

I suggest the same could be true for you.

I'm only breaking the ice on this topic. More to come:-)

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