Friday, January 25, 2019

Change: the Inside Out of It

I've written about my monumental dream, Howling Mary many times, but I return to Her again and again. Why was Mary howling?  That was the question I asked myself as a bright, young 21 year old woman woken from this vivid, puzzling dream.   But, as a mature woman, yes, I think now I know.

Still, that dream is my ballast.  I promised Her in that dream that I would do whatever I could to help, and here I am, still with that promise in mind. It's about changing our deepest most ingrained beliefs, not an easy thing to do.  But those beliefs have us in a world of pain.  That's why She's howling.

As a human race, for the last six thousand years or so, we have been gripped by a psychic paradigm that disrupts the fundamental balance of opposites in life to a degree that it's killing us.  What we have called evolution is devolution.  Look at the dictates we march to; who are the authors?  Who dictates by majority?  Is there balance in a male dominated world?  As a woman, I'm appalled at the number of unhinged patriarchal, misogynist monster leaders around the world today holding sway, Russia, China, N.Korea, USA.  These lunatics have our very lives in balance, and yet, they can.

Why?  Because we have core beliefs that make us vulnerable to Big Daddy dictators; God the Father paradigms that have us by the short hairs.  Psychically, we are programmed from birth to believe that we're unworthy little wretches saved from our original sin, our ancestor's faux pas, only by the ultimate sacrifice of God crucifying his only Son.  I say that's why Mary's howling; it was her son that false god crucified.

I know that our connection to spirit is the only thing that can save us from the hottest hells on earth; but that connection has been hijacked by patriarchal religions.  We are born tethered to Spirit, to Goodness, to Love.  We revisit Home often in our dreams; we are not here without support.  We came from Home and Home we'll return, but we can go Home anytime we want, when we learn to use the natural access to our spirit realms that dreams grant us.

Of course, if you never pay attention to your dreams they're gibberish, especially if you've been told all your life, like most of us have, that they are illusory, immaterial, and irrelevant.  It's just a dream.  But, when you start noticing, you start taking yourself to another level of existence.  The waking world is just one aspect of each person's reality; the dream world is just as real.  Dream realities do require certain awareness; if you go to a foreign culture, it's best to learn the language and customs in advance of your travels so you know how to navigate the experiences you'll have.

Dreaming has it's own physics that differs from material reality; that's what's so great about it.  What you can't do waking, you can do dreaming.  And sometimes, the accomplishments in the dream world undergird new accomplishments in the waking world.  It is a balance, a wholistic way of going from one day/night to the next.

The Good News is that we can change things, one of us at a time, from the inside out.  In an avalanche, no one snowflake feels responsible.  As each of us takes responsibility for connecting directly to soul, through the indigenous inside track of dreaming, we take responsibility, one by one, then in groups, until we turn this around.  And even if we don't manage it; we'll cross over on the side of things we choose.

Sea change.