Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Toast to Something New this Year!

Wikipedia: New Year's Day
Here are some of my new year's resolutions; I don't usually make them, but these seemed right:

1.    I forgive everyone everything. I saw a meme on Instagram yesterday that I liked, I forgive
not because I like them or trust them, but so I can move on.  Moving on is about softening my heart towards others and myself.  Living with a hard heart is not for me.

2.    I will educate myself about everything I want to know.  How lucky am I that I can immediately research any question that occurs to me?  How fortunate that there are communication tools available to me that I can use much better, farther and wider than I do now.  I'm having a blast learning Instagram, for example.

3.    I will be my own walking experiment. Does consciousness survive death? Yes, many medical experts agree. For me, it also transcends waking life daily through dreaming, allowing us a frequent glimpse into afterlife environments we may want to check out more thoroughly, later, when we're there. Also, through dreaming, we can maintain contact with  those who are outside this dimension already through death.

4.    I will transcend my persona and keep my ego ear to my higher self. I'm listening to a lot of Jungian thinking and loving every minute of it.  He was an explorer who opened countless doors to future speculation.  That future is NOW.  The present is what counts; it's our opportunity, through more Self awareness and mindfulness, to fuel the change we want to see. 

5.    I will make it easier on myself and on all who need my help, to transition between the waking  and dreaming realms.  I'll write as many helpful articles about dreaming as I can, teach classes when I can and I will pay attention to my dreams, past, present and future.

6.    I will use every opportunity to spread my core message, Love Is The Answer.    What is the question? How do we survive so much darkness and stand for the Light? Well, if this Reality is only one side of the coin of existence; it's not just what happens when we're awake that matters.  Perhaps, as in "The Kin of Ata are Waiting For You",  learning a dream practice, a mindfulness practice and practicing kindness will tilt the scales the way we want them to go.  

I propose a toast to collectively dreaming something New, or at least, something we haven't tried in a long time.  


You may say that I'm a dreamer; thanks so much, then, for reading my blog.  

Every blessing and bright dreams for 2019.