Sunday, August 13, 2017

Peace and Blessings to Heather Heyer

Every time someone stands up to injustice, force, ignorance and violence, an Angel gets her wings.  What risky business standing up for loving, inclusive values can be!  I am so sorry, Heather, that your life was sacrificed to some roboton's absurd and bloodthirsty ideology.  I'm betting you're being attended now by all the loving spirit guides you need, but I am so very sorry for our loss.  I'm so proud that there are so many young people like you who are strong and smart and bold! Thank you for your courage and the message you died to uphold.

Some jerk from Ohio got into a car in Virginia, and full of blind allegiance to his hate fueled ideology, plowed into a crowd of innocent Americans exercising their full amendment rights of free speech. He murdered Heather Heyer, a proud young social justice warrior demonstrating for justice against white supremacists. What price did she pay in free America for her courage?  Is this something she or her family could have anticipated as the price of her civic altruism?  Her mom says:

I don’t want her death to be a focus for more hatred, I want her death to be a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion.”

A dear young friend of mine posted on FB today a memory of blind racism from her childhood that chilled me to the bone.  As a Cuban-American, I know a little about ignorant projections, but I'm not dark skinned.   I've been with dark skinned friends and witnessed abysmally racist and ignorant behavior towards them.

These unenlightened, uninformed knuckleheads who behave this way have formed alliances like the one Heather counter-demonstrated against; they rule by violence, ignorance, deceit. The question is, how can they thrive in our country today? Does this represent America now?  One nation, under God...?

When did ignorance and brute force become the Gospel of Jesus Christ? I'm glad I knew Jesus before he got co-opted, back when what made you a Christian was giving a shit and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Good for you Heather; I'm sorry it cost you and your family so much, but I appreciate what you died to uphold.  I'll think of you, try to be braver and do more.

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