Friday, July 13, 2012

As Within So Without

PBS NOVA's "The Fabric of the Cosmos."

I think we're living in a time of extreme paradigm shifts, cursed and blessed with fantastic changes.  On one hand, quantum mechanics is stretching prior scientific theories of physical reality in mind-boggling directions.  I really can’t listen to guys like Brian Greene while I’m driving, though I love to other times, because I might find myself driving off the road in wonderment.  What I most love about all the theories I’m hearing from Greene and others in his field is the many parallels I can draw to dreaming and dreaming reality.

From my own dreaming, lucid dreams and OBE experiences, inner space has many dimensions, but perhaps it’s not inner space at all, but the back door of physical reality that opens on to a Greater Reality, True Consciousness, The Collective Unconscious, Space, the Universe, That Which Is?  I frankly don’t know what to call it.  But once dreaming becomes a practice, paradigms suffer a seismic shift.

For one, anything is possible.  You can fly.  You can outsmart the ax murderer.  You can have your prince and….well, some things are better left to the imagination.  Dream barriers are bridgeable; the world of form is only one world, but the dream worlds play by different rules.  Paradigm shift?  Definitely.

Another paradigm shifter is Eckhart Tolle, ET.  The ego is insane?  I love it.  I think, the ego should be the chauffer, not the driver.  The owner of the limo is the SELF; the ego is only the driver, though of vital importance.   According to ET, an ego in control is dangerous; a New Earth will come into being when we all learn to shift our paradigms from bug on the rug egos to cosmic awareness of our own eternity.  

Even though these times are trying, they are definitely among the most interesting and worth while of times to live for seekers.  May your best dreams come true.


  1. Wow. Powerful post . Ego as chauffeur! Nicely put. Time for u to write your own book, I think. You have departed from the mentor moss!

  2. If I do write it, Trish, it will be thanks to your encouragement.

  3. Excuse me, but your voice exceeds that of Moss. It happens. The student surpasses the master.

  4. Trish, you make me smile and it's a true honor that you think so. I don't think so; Robert's taught me and still teaches me a treasure trove of dream avenues to explore. Still, my voice is my own and your input is a welcome wind of encouragement.

  5. Thanks for your input on the Simba dream.