Thursday, December 8, 2011

Revelations and Everyday Dreaming

Recently I met a lovely new friend who is awaiting the birth of her first child, a son. We talked about names and she mentioned she was considering Samuel, but didn't like the nickname, Sam. A dream from March of 2006 snapped into my consciousness. Today I searched and found it. I also found a previous dream incarnation of my little boy in this drawing, a blond version, but otherwise, much the same.

I'm sharing it as a gift to her and with you because it illustrates well what I mean when I say that my spirituality is fed by my dreaming.

Sam My Son

A friend of mine has a baby, but she doesn’t want to or can’t keep him, so she gives him to me.

I get him at party. I learn his name is Sam, a name I wonder at, Do I like calling my son Sam? Who named him? At the time I’m introduced to my son at this party, he’s about 2, but he could be younger.

The woman who raised him until this age took care of him very well. Now, at this party, I’m introduced to him and my new role as his mother. I’m in awe of just how beautiful he is. He has large dark eyes and beautiful wavy brown hair. He’s wearing a short set with a short sleeve shirt; I instantly fall in love with him and accept the responsibility.

He’s playing with other children as I’m talking to a woman about becoming a mother; I can’t remember his name. I ask someone and they say; it’s Sam isn’t it? I wonder who named him and if I have to keep the name. I’m talking to Sam and I ask him; do you like your name? Is there another name you’d like more? He says he likes Sam but he would also like a name that means “ONE WHO LOVES’ I’m amazed at this and feel very blessed that this is my child.

Then I’ve left the party, talking to a friend. All of a sudden I remember that I forgot Sam and left him at the party, I know that it’s a group of good friends that I know are taking care of him, after all, it’s where I got him, but I go rushing back to get him. I feel badly that he’s a little chilled, not feeling well and hungry. I cuddle him and carry him home and realize that I’m going to have to get used to being a mother.

I wake up feeling joy, sure that this dream is a gift and recognizing my little boy from other dreams.

The next day, Jim tells me that he Googled for the meaning of “Samuel” and it means “I Am God”. My knees went weak and a big smile spread all over my face. I met “I Am God” who doesn’t mind being called “One Who Loves” either.

This seems like a fitting Christmas story, too.


  1. What a amazing post Adelita! LOVED THIS! You gave me chills!


  2. What's so cool is that the dream popped into my head the minute I heard my friend say; "I don't want to call him Sam." and it's been over 5 years since I dreamed it.