Thursday, February 24, 2011

Animal Buddies and Spirit Guides

Thoughts live in the brain, images live in the heart. Much of waking language is left brained, rational; most of dreaming language is image, right brain stuff in waking.

This is why dream totems, animal spirits, can be such a tremendous psychic help to a dreamer, regardless of their age. I have many wonderful animal visitors in my dreams; I'm sure I'll share more about others in the future. Number one on my dream totem pole is Elephant. Elephant was first introduced to me in a dream my first husband had of me. I grew up with the image but his dream sealed the deal for me; Elephant became my totem. I often wear Elephant as jewelry and have images of her everywhere in my house.

Elephant has visited me in dreams for many years. My banner on this blog is one beautiful example. In that dream: I'm watching these wonderful mother and baby elephants dance on the beach. I hear the music. I wake up filled with joy.

Here's an Elephant synchronicity I love. In the 70's, when I lived in Rochester, NY, I met a young man at a community event who loved to draw. We sat down at a table to talk and as we spoke, he drew on a small piece of paper. I wasn't wearing anything to give away my totem and we hadn't touched on that subject at all. At the end of our chat, he handed it to me. I've posted it for your delight and mine. (Just don't call me Addie, not a nickname I prefer.)

Totems are like rock star body guards you carry in your heart. They jump out and protect you by giving you of their spirit; who's going to mess with an elephant; yet, most people like them. I think they're wise and kind and beautiful.

Many Animal Spirits have manifested in my dreams; each has given me an energy I've used in waking life.

So who are you're totems?


  1. Beautiful post! I've been inspired by my animal buddies and totem guides too. I dream often of wolves, and they have comforted and inspired me many times.

  2. We share the wolf, then, too. Last year was my year for the black wolf and a picture of him graced the front of my 2010 dream journal. Thanks for your comment, Terria.

  3. Right up my alley, Lita! Great post. We have a chapter in 7 secrets of synchronicity on animals as messengers - in dreams, in waking life.

  4. ...and they are So important in So Many aspects of Dreaming! In my dreams, they’ll show up as Confirmation that I’m dreaming the Waking Future, and – importantly – as guides on the Other Side of the curtain of Life/Death.

  5. Yes, in one dream, I remember crossing a familiar street escorted by a beautiful, majestic tiger. It definitely had the feel of the other side; I think I'll go through my journals looking for more of these escort dreams. Thanks, Donna.